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We are seeing more homes for sale that have “issues” on the home insurance inspections. Why?

In the past ten or so years, many homeowner have been underwater on their mortgages. And many homes have not been turned over for at least 10-20 years. With the improving market, many are no longer underwater and are listing their properties for sale.

However, during this period, many have not spent money keeping up the property. For many of the homes built in the 1970’s and 1980’s we are rediscovering the Polybutylene supply piping or the FPE/Zinsco/Challenger Breaker boxes. These continue to be uninsurable with most of the carrier we represent. We do have a couple of carriers beside citizens that will insure these breaker boxes.

Sometimes there are double taps because they added circuits but did not add a subpanel to the home.

Make sure you know in advance prior to the inspection period ending!

Anytime you have a question regarding the insurability of the property, please give our staff a call at 561-598-5699.